Precision Built Benchrest, Hunting
and Live Varmint Rifles


Factory Take-Off Barrels --
These top-quality barrels have been inspected, crowned and refinished.
Some are brand new; Others have been fired very little.

While we make no guarantee as to the accuracy of these barrels, we offer them as an economical way to try another caliber or replace a worn or damaged part at a substantial savings.

These barrels will need to be fitted, timed and head spaced by a competent gunsmith. While it is possible to screw one on to your action and have everything fit just right, it is fairly unlikely. We will be adding to this list as we complete the crowning, finishing and inspection of additional factory barrels. If you don’t see what you need, please call as we may have it but have not yet listed it here:

Updated 11/13/09


Precision Barrel Work grew from my days as a Benchrest Rifle Competitor in the early 90s. Success in Benchrest Competition necessitates strict adherence to minimal tolerance and painstaking devotion to detail. In Benchrest, as with most anything, you have two choices when it comes to your equipment - pay someone or do it yourself.

I quickly came to the conclusion that I could turn out a rifle as accurate as the best available while ensuring that nothing was compromised for the sake of volume. Success brought admiration and I soon found myself doing the chamber jobs for fellow competitors. This culminated into Precision Barrel Work, the Business.

Though I remain an active competitor at heart, my priority now is the satisfaction of knowing that the work that comes out of my shop is as good as the best there is.


Being a competitive shooter, I have an excellent understanding of what other competitive shooters desire, deserve and expect. Because of this understanding and regard I hold for them, I offer the following pledge:

If you are a competitive shooter (i.e., Benchrest, High power?) who has been put into the predicament (because of an up-and-coming match) of needing a new barrel installed, a bedding job or some other "emergency", I will give your need first priority.

Of course, if I get flooded with these types of requests I shall have to work on them first-come, first-served, just as I do with everything else. (I’m being general here.) 

Because there are many different twist, contour and caliber variations, I don’t stock an inventory of barrels. I order per individual request, that way I don’t have an inventory that isn’t quite what the next guy wants. If you need a barrel in a timely manner, it's best to have it on hand because I have to wait as long as everyone else when ordering barrels.

When considering your next project:

Email us: precisionbarrelwork@gmail.com  |    Contact us by phone