Machining and Other Services.

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PLEASE NOTE: Add $60.00 for Claw-Type Extractor Cuts.

Add $50.00 for Fitting and Chambering of Receivers with metric threads.

Machine Work (1-hour minimum charge) $75.00 per hour

DISCLAIMER: In regards to machining on finished parts - particularly coated, dipped, anodized and blued finishes - in no event shall Precision Barrel Work be liable for any cosmetic damage to coating resulting from work performed on your finished/coated gun components. We will do our level best not to mar or scratch any finish on a firearm but the cost for any cosmetic corrections will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

Fit, Chamber, Polish, Crown & Engrave Barrel (Std & Mag Cal)
$ 375.
Series 700 Stainless Steel barrels (Std & Mag Cal)
Completely True Remington 700 Receiver
True Receiver Face
True Bolt (face, lugs, nose)
Ackley conversions (standard Chamber to Ackley Chamber)
Install Sako extractor (extractor inc.)
Install Hart Type bolt release
Crown Barrel
Install Remington Extractor (extractor inc.)
Bolt Fluting - Straight, Helical or Diamond
Barrel Fluting - Straight and Helical
Barrel Fluting - Diamond Pattern
Supply and Install Muzzle Brake & Refinish Barrel
Thread, ReCrown & Install Customer Supplied Break
Drill & Tap for Scope Mounts (per hole)
Neck and Seating Gauge
Thread Protector for Muzzle Brake
Lap & Install rings, bases, mount scope & bore sight 60.
Lap Scope rings 25.
Lap Bolt Lugs 40.
Check Headspace 25.
Correct Headspace (depending on problem) 60. & UP
Remove stuck case 75.
Remove Loaded Round 275.
Jewel Bolt 60.
Clean Rifle (barrel, action, trigger) and Inspect 60.
Install Trigger 40.
Engraving, per letter 1.
Blue rifle - matte 175.
Blue rifle - polish 290.
Blue action 88.
Blue barrel 88.
Bead Blast Barrel 40.
Glass Bed Rifle 150.
Pillar Bed Rifle (Browning A-Bolt Front Pillar Only) 200.
Pillar Bed (Ruger 77) 175.
Bed Recoil Lug Area 100.
Open Barrel Channel to Fit Barrel Contour 50.
Install Recoil Pads (Pads not included in price) 60.
Install Tension Screw for Ruger #1 60.
Bed Forearm on Ruger #1 60.

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